3.1 Summary of Public Participation
3.2 Development Vision
3.3 Goals and Objectives

Community Vision
Umaidpur is a rural village in Samastipur District of Bihar
strategically located at the intersection of Umaidpur-Tajpur Road and Sarairanjan-Gaopur-Nowa Chauck to Bindi- Halai Road.
The Village government does not provide many basic services to Village residents. The commercial, retail, medical, financial, and cultural businesses and facilities in the Village provide various services to the
surrounding area in Erie and Cattaraugus Counties. Springville wishes
to maximize both its rural and urban assets and, in the spirit of
regionalism, adopts the following development vision:
The Village of Springville will continue to be a traditional village
located in the heart of a historic community and takes pride in its
scenic beauty, natural environment, cultural sites and Village
Center. Springville complements the Town of Concord as the rural
service center and will enhance the Village’s position as a civic,
cultural and economic asset to the surrounding nine-town area. The
Village will promote its strategic location as an economic center of
the Southern Tier and preserve its identity by maintaining a
sustainable quality of life that all Springville residents have come to expect and enjoy.

The Village of Umaidpur is aspiring to the following goals and
objectives to work towards becoming an ISO standard while developing the community vision:
Economic Development:
 Build on the economic development potential of the community’s
existing economic base, including its status as a regional
gateway, its role as the business, medical, retail, cultural, service
and educational center of its nine-town region, and its growing
attractiveness as a walkable residential community.
Strengthen Main Street Springville as a center for specialty retail,restaurants, professional offices, medical services, as well as cultural and civic uses.
 Facilitate larger, auto-oriented commercial establishments in the
South Cascade Drive area with the provisions of the Village
Access Management Law and other zoning regulations, and an
effective community wayfinding plan.
 Support existing agricultural and farming operations.
 Promote farming and agriculture by encouraging a community
farmers market in a convenient Village Center location.
 Take advantage of the business development potential of Route
o Identify and promote available commercial lots on
South Cascade.
o Attract lodging and banquet facilities by partnering with
Visit Buffalo Niagara.

Educational Development:

The Environment
 Encourage the retention of open space through the preservation
and protection of sensitive environmental areas, including
woodlands, steep slopes, waterways, habitat areas and scenic
 Support existing agricultural and farming operations.
 Promote the use of storm water management techniques during
building construction to eliminate/mitigate drainage problems.
 In conjunction with Erie and Cattaraugus Counties, advocate for
environmental protection and enhancement of Cattaraugus Creek,
Spring Brook, and Zoar Valley’s other stream and creek valleys.
 Work cooperatively with the Town of Concord to encourage
responsible control of gravel mining practices occurring in close
proximity to the Village.
 Work cooperatively with neighboring communities to support the
continued clean-up effort at the West Valley Demonstration
 Encourage recycling and proper waste disposal practices.
 Advocate for preservation of the aquifer from which water is
pumped by the Village Water Division.