Family History of Umaidpurian

Sukkan Roy’s Family – His great grandfather-Dumari Roy migrated from Gopalpur near Pusha to Umaidpur. Dumari Roy’s son name was Ram Lal Roy, who had two children – Gopal Roy and Shyam Roy. Gopal Roy and Shyam Roy were cousin brothers. Gopal Roy’s son – Sukkan Roy and Shayam Roy’s son – Raja Roy were cousin brothers. Raja Roy had one son named Saukhi Roy, who had two sons (Ramashray Rai and Kameshwar Roy) and one daughter.
Sukkan Roy was born before 1900. He was married to Sukhiya Devi from the Khalishpur village. From his first mairrage he had one son – Dorik Roy and three daughters- Lukhiya Devi (lived in Rasoolpur), Sukhiya Devi (lived in Kweta)and Siya Devi (lived in Bakaar). Dorik Roy also had two mairrages, his first marriage was in the Chaan Sarai nearbyb Halai bazar and his second mairrage was with Sugiya Devi from Simarbara. He had no children from his both mairrage. Dorik Roy died from the accidental death from snake bite. Based on 1898 land survey, it appears that Sukkan Roy did not Inherit more than a couple of acre land. From his hard work he was successful in buying more lands, and built a beautiful Dalaan and a brick house in 1950. In around 1952  a large number of armed men (decaits) stormed into his house and looted all cash, jewellary and land registration papers. After the death of his first wife, Sukkan Roy got mairried to Mundari Devi from Gaddopur and has fours sons from this mairage: Sukhdeo Roy, Basudeo Roy, Shivdeo Roy and Deodutta Roy. Sukkan Roy died in some times in summer of 1960. Mundari Devi died on December 7, 2001. Eldest son was married to Dhaneshwari Devi from Dehuli and they have two daughters (Sabnam and Kalpana) and two sons- Vijay and Sanjay. Basudeo Roy is married to the daughter of Sukhdeo Roy from Begamsarai -Urmila Devi and they have one daughter- Partima ( married to Ajay Rai from Jharia, Dhanbad) and two sons- Prabhat Kumar and Parkash Roy. Prabhat is married to Ratna Roy, daughter of Mr. Ashok Roy from Patna. Prakash Roy is married to Rekha. Shivdeo Roy was married to Bedam Devi from Madhopur and they have one daughter named Nutan and three sons- Vinay Roy, Abhay Roy and Nirbhay Roy. Youngest son of Sukkan Roy (Deodutta Roy) is married to Sunder Devi Roy, who is daughter of Khakhunu Singh from Mathura Chuck of Vaishali district (son of Ram Swaroop Singh). Ram Sharoop Singh and Bhairaw Singh were brothers. Deodutta Roy has three daughters, Jyotsna Roy married to Vinay K Gupta, Arunima Roy married to Mahesh Ram Prasad Yadav, and Sandhya Roy.

Nageshwar Roy’s Family – also migrated from other village (needs to be completed). He has four brothers, Partap Roy, Ram Narayan Roy and Chhedi Lal Roy. Partap Roy and Nageshwar Roy were married in a same family in Aadharpur. Partap Roy, Chhedi Lal Roy and Nageshwar Roy children’s name are Chandeshwar Roy, Ram Ekbal Roy and Jaikal Devi, and Kamalesh Roy, respectively. Ram Narayan Roy had two sons, Sahdeo Roy and Munshi Lal Roy (both brothers were married in the same family in Nikaspur) and one daughter-Kaushaliya Devi married in Dudhpura.

Daroga Roy’s Family – Jhari Roy had three sons: Laldeo Roy, Jaikant Roy and Daroga Roy. Daroga Roy has three sons. Ram Swarth Roy is the son of Daroga Roy. Dinesh Roy and Mithlesh Roy are sons of Laldeo Roy. Migrated from Patehpur

Chullahai Hazari Family: He had six sons, Gango Hazari, Paachu Hazari, Sarjug Hazari, Yamun Hazari, Payare Hazari and .

Ramazan Ali Family: He had three sons, Yusaf Ali, Halim Ali, and .

Ram Sunder Roy’s Family: He had four sons named Bahadur Roy, Jadunandan Roy, Asharfi Roy, Shivnandan Roy and Raghunandan Roy.