To Shape the Future of this village by making it International Standard, where every child is empowered “To be a Change””, and  instilling and empowering each individual member of the village  with socio-economic and educational opportunities  “To be a Change”.   Aspiration is to be an ISO certified  ‘Model Village’ which will be self dependent and empowered with modern technologies like high speed internet, 24 hrs  green electricity, highest quality education. Also   building future  through Economic and Social Empowerment of Women;   Green Energy; Modern  Agriculture Rural Infrastructure;  Health, Hygiene & Sanitation Facility to all;  Soil and Water Resources;  and Animal Husbandry.



The village development activities are being planned considering the following three essential factors–

  • Understanding and addressing this village specific needs
  • Initiating maximum and active participation of villagers
  • Ensuring sustainable and all-inclusive development

As a part of this vision, a comprehensive village plan are being  prepared that targeted development in areas like highest quality education, high speed internet for school, women empowerment, green energy, agriculture,  health and animal husbandry along with addressing the basic needs of the village.