An Adventure to India

By: Sunder Roy

My three daughters, son in laws, grand children, my husband and I went to India in December 2010. It is expensive to travel to India, but it is worth it. The cost of a plane ticket RoyFamilyPicscan be as low as one thousand dollars to eighteen hundred dollars depending on when you want to go to India.  This may sound expensive however India has beautiful places to see, many activities to do and also it has great weather. The best time to go to India is in December.   The weather is warm in the day and cool in the evenings like it is in Miami, Florida.  You can find lodging in a small hotel inTaj-Hotel-Mumbai_2010 town or a five star hotel like Trident, Sheraton, or Taj Mahal hotel in the big cities of Mumbai or New Delhi.

Everyone can enjoy the many places to sight see in India.  In Mumbai you will find the India Gate and clubs because it is the home of Bollywood movies.  In New Delhi, you can go the famous Taj Mahal in Agra or the Red Fort.  Not only can you go sightseeing but you can go on a camel ride, elephant ride or enjoy the town (bazaar) or farmer markets.  So, save money and plan your next vacation to India, a destination for an adventurous traveler, student or the whole family.AgraRedFortTajMahal