The total land of the Umaidpur village is around 300 bighas. In Samastipur district and Patna one bigha is equivalent to 20 Kattha (1361 ft2 or 126.44 m2); one Kattha are subdivided in 20 Dhur and one Dhur is approximately 68.06 ft2 (6.321 m2). According to the 2011 Census of India, Umaidpur village (vilcode-236729) has around 329 households. The total population of the village is around 1,960 (male 1034 and female 926). More demographic information on the Umaidpur Village can be obtained here Among the Hindus,the majority of people belongs to caste – Yadav (>50 famalies), followed by Dosadhs (>15 families), and Mallahs (>10 families). Two Dhobi and one Telis families also live in this village. Among Musalmans, Shaikhs (>50 families) are the only community in this village.